Please note that the programme is subject to change.

The event will start with registration on Monday 30 March on the first floor at Swallow House. The main conference sessions will start at 13:40 on Monday 30 March and close at lunchtime on Thursday 2 April

Monday 30 March Tuesday 31 March Wednesday 1 April Thursday 2 April Poster Session

Tuesday 31 March

08:30              Refreshments
Room 129/130


(Invited) Rumours of the death of discharge lighting are greatly exaggerated 
Graeme Lister, Ceravision Limited, UK
Room 121/121a/123


Particle trajectories in a solitary hydromagnetic wave; a demonstration of the mechanism of the (jxB) force in a collisionless plasma
John Allen, University of Oxford, UK


3D modelling of microwave propagation through turbulent density profiles in fusion relevant plasmas
Matthew Thomas, Univeristy of York, UK


Room 129/130

10:40 (Invited) Pulsed laser deposition of metal oxide thin films 
Erik Wagenaars, University of York, UK


Brownian motion of dust grains in partially-ionised plasma
Euan Bennet, University of Glasgow, UK 


Amplification and generation of ultra-intense twisted laser pulses via stimulated Raman scattering
Raoul Trines, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK


X-point modelling using non-field-aligned coordinate systems in BOUT++ 
Brendan Shanahan, University of York, UK

12:20 Lunch

13:20 Transfer to Berrill Lecture Theatre (Open University)


(Invited) Hydrodmagnetic turbulence in laboratory and astrophysical plasmas 
Gianluca Gregori, Oxford University, UK


Aerosol droplet charge control via rapid plasma transport 
Colin Kelsey, University of Ulster, UK


The dependence of tungsten fuzz growth on He ion fluence in the range 1024-1028 m2
Thomas Petty, University of Liverpool, UK


(Invited) International Year of Light 1: Design and plasma process challenges for ultra high speed (100Gbps+) photonic intergrated circuits
Andy Carter, Oclaro, UK

15:50 Refreshments - delegates can take this opportunity to walk from Berrill to the Robert Hooke foyer to hear some information on Rosetta

16:10 (Invited) International Year of Light 2: Laser absorption spectroscopy as a sensitive optical diagnostic in low temperature plasmas
Grant Ritchie, University of Oxford, UK


Vorticity deposition and structure generation in golliding blast wave experiments 
Alex Robinson, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK

17:00 End of session - delegates can take this opportunity to walk from Berrill to the Robert Hooke foyer to hear some information on Rosetta

17:40 International Year of Light & Plasma Physics Group Outreach Session

Non-visual impacts of light
John Stocks, Ceravision, UK

Cosmic light: the story of everything
Lucia Marchetti, Open University Milton Keynes, UK

How to slow atoms with light, and how to slow light with atoms
Calum MacCormick, The Open University, UK

20:40 Close of day

20:00 Reception at Kent's Hill Training Conference Centre
Room 129/130